Newborn Sessions

C5Posed newborn portraits focus on your sleeping newborn in a variety of poses or styled set-ups. This style is for you if:

  • Your priority is an image of your baby sleeping soundly in a sweet pose
  • You love props and accessories
  • You want to incorporate a theme
  • You are able to schedule your session within 10 days of your child’s birth as that’s when they are most likely to remain asleep.



Lifestyle sessions capture the interactions of your family with your newborn, in the comfort of your home. These images are usually more emotional and highlight connection you have with your baby. This style is for you if:

  • You want to showcase the relationships of your new or growing family
  • You wish to include other siblings or pets
  • You would like to feature your child’s nursery or another special area of your home
  • You are more comfortable scheduling when your baby is a few weeks old.

We can also plan to do a mix of the two styles, starting with lifestyle shots and then moving into posed shots after baby is ready to sleep.  This allows older siblings to be involved for the first portion of the session and then go play elsewhere for the rest. If you’d prefer to go this route plan to schedule your session between10-14 days after birth so we can still get baby to sleep for the posed images.

Tips for lifestyle sessions:

  • Don’t stress about cleaning your home – I’ll quickly push things out of the way as needed so your home will appear to be spotless.  I may move furniture around to get the best light, but will put it back where it was when we’re done.
  • Beds are a great spot for family photos, so be sure yours is made, preferably with a neutral quilt or comforter.
  • Open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible and crank up the heat to keep baby warm.
  • Don’t worry if your baby is crying or needs to eat during the session.  Both situations provide opportunities to feature the daily interactions you’ll miss as they grow.
  • Keep clothing neutral and simple so the focus remains on baby.
  • Relax and act just as you would if I wasn’t there.  That’s how we’ll capture the real interactions of your family.

Tips to prepare for your posed session:

  • Try to keep your baby awake and stimulated a couple of hours prior to the session so he or she is ready to fall asleep.
  • Nurse or feed your baby 30 minutes prior to your session. A full baby is a sleepy baby, and that’s what we want!
  • Nursing moms should avoid spicy foods (or any food known to upset baby) for 24 hours before the session.
  • Babies look best bare and to keep them warm we will crank up the heat, so dress in layers to keep yourself comfortable.
  • Prior to the session dress baby in a button up or zipper up sleeper; anything that has to be pulled over their head should be avoided.
  • Have multiple clean pacifiers handy.
  • I have a supply of props but also welcome any sentimental items you may have and wish to use. Please let me know about these items before your session so I’m prepared to incorporate them.
  • Almost every newborn session involves spit up or other baby messes so don’t worry about it. My newborn backdrops and props are washable for just that reason!
  • I welcome sibling and/or family shots but recommend these shots be taken at the beginning or end of the session so the older siblings can play elsewhere the rest of the session.   If possible it’s a good idea to have another family member or friend who can watch the other children when they are not being photographed.