Maternity Sessions

  • 1Decide if you prefer indoor or outdoor portraits, but consider the weather/season.
  • Bring props such as your ultrasound print out, baby’s first shoes, sentimental books, etc. I may also bring simple props such as letter blocks to spell out the baby’s name, based on the information you provide beforehand.
  • If you already have children, I highly encourage including them so we can capture their excitement about their new sibling.
  • Wear something comfortable that you feel pretty in that shows off your bump along with comfortable footwear.
  • Determine how much skin you’re comfortable showing and let me know what you prefer so we can plan any necessary covers or attire for the shots you wish to create.

Gender Reveal Sessions

  • 4Consider when you’d like to make the announcement.  New technologies are allowing us to find out genders earlier in your pregnancy so you may not be showing as much as you would during a typical maternity session.  This may mean we do two sessions or wait a bit longer to announce the gender if you’d like to do both in the same session.
  • There are a variety of ideas for gender reveals online.  Do a quick search and see if any appeal to you or fit your personal hobbies.
  • Let me know what you’d like to do well in advance of your session so I’m ready to capture it from the best angels.  I may also be able to provide props or supplies!
  • Incorporate siblings in the announcement – it will add to their excitement about their changing role.

Check Flexcart for updates and/or update clients to allow projects to be lisited.