Cake Smash & Little Artist Session Tips

  • JThese sessions can take place indoors or outdoors and be as simple or as elaborate as you want.
  • We’ll start without the cake or paints so you also have several ‘clean’ portraits of your little one and they have time to get used to the camera, then we’ll introduce the messy stuff – after we make sure to get a before shot.
  • Decide on outfits in advance and bring a spare set of clothes, or two.
  • These sessions can get very messy, so keep outfits simple to make clean-up afterwards easier for both you and your child.
  • Some children dive right in, while others are hesitant. Both reactions are adorable and provide great images. Consider introducing your child to cake or paints before the session so they will have more interest during their session.
  • Book several weeks in advance to allow time to plan for the cake or canvas and decorations. Feel free to suggest colors or themes you’d like to incorporate. I can provide decorations based on your preferences or use items you may already have for their birthday party.
  • Cupcakes can provide a similar effect to a full cake with less mess and at a lower cost.
  • We can also incorporate “bath time shots” at the end of the session by placing your child in a cute wash tub for cleanup.
  • Plan extra time for clean up of both child and set up after the session.