A Fairy Tale at Multnoma Falls

When my husband and I took a trip to Scotland last fall I dreamed of doing photo shoots with the amazing castles we saw. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything lined up and castles are few and far between here in the states, so while planning a trip to Portland recently I decided to arrange a photo shoot at Multnoma Falls Lodge, which has amazing stone walls that give a castle-like look. I’ve adored this location for years, after first seeing it while visiting my Mother-in-Law who lives about a half hour away.

Luckily, I was able to connect with Kiyerra, a Washington photographer through a national photographer group we’re both part of. She answered my call for a model and took a turn in front of the camera for a change. She even did her own make-up and hair styling! I rented up a couple dresses here in Alaska and brought them with me to Portland to complete the romantic fairy tale look.

Devastating wildfires raged through the area around the lodge last summer, but the lodge was saved thanks to the efforts of several fire crews who stayed throughout the night to soak the roof and surrounding ground, keeping the fire at bay! Their efforts kept the lodge safe so that future generations can continue to enjoy it. I’m grateful for their dedication – it preserved a piece of history and provided me the opportunity to create these images.

Due to the fires, many areas of the valley are still closed off and access is limited. This caused a few headaches with traffic getting to the lodge and parking. We also had to work around mobs of tourists who had come to see the historic site, but we made it work and had fun getting to know each other and chatting about photography while we shot. While it’s not a castle shoot exactly, I love how the images turned out. I hope you enjoy them too!

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Get to Know the Gal Behind the Lens

Hi there!  I’m Jenna Deason – photographer, Dr. Pepper addict, and a proud pet parent to several furred and feathered critters.  I love to travel and explore new places, but I also enjoy staying at home and relaxing.  A creative at heart, I’m constantly dreaming up new ideas and there’s always a DIY project, or three, in the works at my home.

I’ve lived all over this beautiful country, which has allowed me to experience a variety of cultures and environments. While originally from southern Maryland near DC, I spent my later childhood in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.  I headed to southern Colorado for college and then moved back east to coastal Virginia after graduation.  A few years later, I crossed paths with a handsome military guy who loved Alaska and followed him and my adventurous heart there.  It soon became my adopted home and we’ve decided to stay here even after he retired and moved on to another career.

My hubby and I in Scotland! (PC: In the Name of Love Photography)

Jenna D’ Photography started as a creative outlet when I was working in the court system in rural Alaska.  I’d started photographing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife when I moved here so I could share them with friends and family around the globe.  I never considered photographing people until my boss at the court asked if I could create her son’s senior portraits.  Always up for an opportunity to grow, I agreed, even though I doubted my skills.  That first session taught me that I not only had the skill to create portraits people cherished, I could also connect with my subject and make them feel comfortable, so I could capture their genuine personality.  My skill set has grown a lot since then, but being able to relate to my subjects from the back of the camera is still the most important tool in my toolbox.  I look forward to connecting with you, so we can create images that showcase your story and personality.

Exploring at Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland!

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Kellen – Class of 2017

When Kellen’s mom contacted me about senior photos her first thought was that he should have portraits playing the piano because its a big hobby for him.  Luckily its also much more photogenic than his other big hobby – Cross Country Running!  We decided to meet at a medical campus where he often plays for patients.  I wish I could have documented his musical talent as well as his good looks because he really was very good.  After he played a good set of songs for me at the piano we moved around using some interesting textures around the building and then headed outside for a few shots with the winter scenery.  No matter where I put him, he was cool and calm, which I’m sure will serve him well as he completes his high school career and moves on to his next adventure.




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