The Funniest Wedding Party

As promised today I’m sharing the funniest shots from Noah & Stephanie’s wedding!  Now you’ll see why I enjoyed every moment I was working with this wedding party.  I knew I was in for a fun day when I told the whole wedding party to do something funny and within seconds they had agreed on “moose antlers” as the pose of choice.


During the groomsmen group shots I gave the same instruction and got a variety of responses.


When I told the bridesmaids to pose how they think the groomsmen would if given free rein, they had a pretty on point choice.


Similarly, when I asked the groomsmen to pose how they thought the bridesmaids would I got this hysterical reaction!


And there’s always an opportunity for a bit of goofiness when you’ve got adult brothers together.


The bridesmaids had a bit of fun with the bride as well, giving her some sweet air kisses so as not to mess up her hair and makeup before the ceremony.



Some of the groomsmen apparently wanted to do the same with the groom but he wasn’t quite prepared for that.


They were ready to show off their home-state pride with a human OHIO sign though!


And a bit of goofy dancing made the groom smile.


Then when the groom had to pause to answer a call from a lost wedding guest his other groomsman took the opportunity to show off a bit and attempt to upstage him.  The bride was also open to unique opportunities, including posing with the giant stuffed bear in the hotel hallway.

B-BW3    B-BWBear

And we couldn’t help but show off their unique footwear and socks for this special day.


The shenanigans even continued during the ceremony, where several of the wedding party reacted to sweet hiccups in the words.


But they were “honestly devoted” to this sweet couple the entire day, as evidenced by their willingness to do anything it took to make their wedding perfect, even if that’s shoveling snow in a suit while the bride and groom took their photos!  I can only hope that all the wedding parties I work with in the future are this awesome!



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