Sally & Dane – January 19, 2014

After my session with the Mills Family, my husband and I hung around the park to let our dogs play in the snow before driving back home.  We ended up chatting with some folks who pulled in and discovered that they were there for a wedding!  I asked if they were in need of a photographer as I was there and equipped.  They directed me to the bride, Sally, who was a little stunned by the question as they had just planned a quick nuptials with friends to witness.  Sensing that they didn’t plan to spend much for the occasion, I offered to donate my services as a wedding gift.  I believe every one deserves wedding pictures, even if it’s a simple gathering.  She was so excited by my offer she immediately hugged me and almost started crying, which I quickly put a stop to because red eyes aren’t good for photos!

It was fate that I was there, at just the right time and was made aware of their need.  I’m blessed to have this talent and I enjoy sharing it with others.  I’m not in photography to get rich.  I create images because it makes my heart happy and it’s my way of giving back.  My session fees are structured to cover my costs and pay me a little for my time and energy.  And that’s the way I like it.  I’m fortunate to have a full-time job that provides benefits like health insurance, retirement and paid time off – which allows me the flexibility to offer my photography how I wish and at the price I would feel comfortable paying for the same service.

It was a fun and casual ceremony, with smiles and several laughs, which I’m sure is a perfect example of their personalities.  Every wedding is unique, and theirs seemed very fitting.  I wish them years of continued happiness and adventure.




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