McMillian Family

As a military family with a change of station requiring a move in a few years, Ambra knew she wanted to capture Alaska’s winter scenery while she could.  We scheduled a date we thought would leave plenty of time for winter to arrive, but a week before there was still not a single flurry.  Ambra was getting nervous that we wouldn’t be able to create the images she’d been hoping for, but I suggested we wait and see how the weather acted in the next few days.  Within an hour of our communication, it started coming down and it didn’t stop for a while.

The scenery was exactly what she’d envisioned, but on the day of the shoot her son wasn’t much interested in having his photo taken.  So we let him work it out as we focused on momma-to-be’s beautiful baby bump and did a few couple shots instead.  Once I let him take a sneak peek behind the lens, her little man started warming up to the idea and eventually agreed to join in for a few shots.  Before we were done he even graced us with a few real smiles while snuggling.   They enjoyed the experience so much that we’ve already discussed newborn photos for when the baby arrives, so stay tuned to meet son #2 early next year!







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