The Clarks

We decided to shave a day off our time in Portland at the end of our trip so that we could make a detour after visiting friends and family in Denver to see my husband’s aunt’s ranch in Durango.  The plan was that I’d do a family session for his cousins who have six children ranging from a toddler to a college student!  Unfortunately, one of the kids’ high school sports team decided to change their practice time the evening we were in town and that meant all of the kids were not available.  It just didn’t seem right to do a session without everyone, so instead I wandered out on the ranch with the children who were there to visit with us and shot a few images of them around the old barn.

Although I’m very bummed I didn’t get to create the awesome images I’d been dreaming up the whole trip, I’m glad I was able to meet a few more members of my husband’s extended family for the first time and create a few portraits for this wonderful family.



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