The Beattys

When my husband’s cousin found out we’d be making a stop in Denver during our trip she immediately asked if I could do a session for them to use for Christmas cards.  We decided to meet for dinner near where we were staying with friends and get a few pictures before that.  But as we headed toward Colorado from Virginia, the “biblical rain storm” was drowning the region.

It poured all day, but then about an hour before we were set to meet the clouds ran out of moisture and the rain stopped!  Luckily, the rocky soil was dry enough to get a few shots around the Morrison Museum were both Tessa and Levi became enthralled with dinosaurs and fossils, which they told me about during dinner afterwards.

It was great seeing extended family who we’d not seen since our wedding 3 years prior, ironically in nearby Boulder where the flooding had wreaked havoc.  I’m glad everyone was safe and able to come spend an evening with us.




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And I even made my hubby take a picture with his cousins.  Because it’s my job to make sure we have these images to look back on one day.
And it sure is a fun job to have! 🙂


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  1. Jenna – these are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for taking the time to chase the li’l munchkins around and break bread with us. We loved catching up with you!

    • jdeason

      It was great to see you all again! I’m glad we made time to do so! 🙂