Project 12: August

When I first started Project.12 I was apprehensive about this month’s theme because at the time, we lived in remote Alaska where ‘the mall’ was a grouping of buildings containing a restaurant, bingo hall, hair salons, furniture store and a souvenir shop! Luckily, we moved to the big cit-ay this spring and had a wealth of locations around downtown Anchorage to choose from as backdrops. And like all great things do, this session just fell together.

About a week ago, I got an email from a restaurant I’d been wanting to try promoting a partnership with the Blood Mobile where everyone who donated would receive a free appetizer and root beer! Good cause with a great reward and a reason to be downtown in addition to photos?! We were in! So we made the entire event a date night. I did a little re-con via Google Earth to plot out several cool spots nearby, scheduled our donation slots and made reservations at the restaurant. I was excited, but also nervous, because I tend to shoot sessions in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness rather than on city streets. This was a new setting and a new subject – myself.

We wandered around, taking photos of each other at each stop, even getting a few “looking goods” from passersby! Granted shooting my husband was, at times, like working with a toddler – I had to act silly and do a few pretend karate kicks to get some of these smiles! Luckily on the reverse, he’s picked up on my photography tips over the years and now with a little direction from me he can create some pretty good shots, so long as I plan a pose.

I’m not usually happy with images of myself, which is probably why I’m BEHIND the camera most of the time, but I truly love these images – despite the extra pounds, flat hair and dark roots I see when I look at them. I’m pushing through that self-criticism because I know how important it is to see the good in yourself even when it’s imperfect and because I understand that my wonderful husband loves me just as I am and just as I will be in the years to come!

Some time ago, I discovered this article and shared it with my clients via Facebook, but I needed a reminder myself. And because I did, I have these beautiful captured memories. Plus there was no lack of images to choose from – hence the large number included in this post! Thank you all for keeping Project.12 a place where I feel safe enough to share these!

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  1. Carol Meyers

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. There are a few pics that I would like to have a copy of. Will let you know later which ones!!! Great job!! 🙂