Joe & Jena – July 20, 2013

Outdoor weddings always risk Mother Nature not cooperating – especially in Alaska.  Although the weather was a little cloudy and drizzly just before the wedding, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on this beautiful garden setting, creating a perfect backdrop for Joe & Jena’s ceremony.  In fact it got so sunny we were all HOT by the end of the ceremony!




3I’m still in amazement that Jena was able to manage these heels on grass without a single mis-step!

4These were the cutest cake toppers I’ve seen in a long time!

5This couple is certainly not traditional, hence the groom’s sister participating as a ‘groomsman’!


7These bridesmaids were a super fun bunch, who dubbed themselves the Avengers based on their colorful array of dresses.
They requested a character pose and I was happy to oblige!



10Heading down the aisle!


12See, told you it got SUNNY!



15   16

17Isn’t that just the perfect garden wedding kiss?! Congratulations you two!

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  1. Katie Driscoll

    Great captures! I’m glad the natural lighting was useful. And I’m still pleased at how excited you were for the Avengers picture. I would highly recommend you to anyone in Alaska and elsewhere!