Project 12: June

June’s theme is “Bridges” and I knew exactly where I wanted to do this session. I’ve been dreaming about using this location since the first time I spotted this bridge while property hunting several months ago and I’m so glad that we now live close enough to make it happen! My kiddos were dirty, wet and exhausted after a ride in our Commander nearby but in just a few short minutes I captured all of these images. I’m in love with them all.

1I started taking shots a ways down the trail with the bridge in the background.

3Then we got closer and tried the other side.

3BWhere we met this guy stuck in the mud and helped tow him out!

3COf course that meant more time to play while waiting for daddy. Then it was up top to use all that beautiful architecture as a backdrop!


5A 5B


7 8



11* 12

13And I even got the hubby to come up the hill and pose for a shot with a smile!

If you wonder why I’m not in any of these shots it’s because while my husband was pulling that ATV out of the quagmire, I was enjoying an Alaskan black mud spa treatment! The things we do for a good shot! LOLLeg

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