Project 12: April

Doors & windows. That shouldn’t be a hard theme right? But it was for me. This month’s theme had me stumped for a while. And then one night as I lay in bed listening to my ‘fur kids’ go out and in, and out and in their doggie door I had a Gru moment a’ la’ Despicable Me… “Lightbulb!”


That little flap of plastic is probably the most important door in our home because it gives our ‘girls’ the freedom to go outside as they wish while we’re away earning their doggy kibble each weekday. However, just like a mother with human children I find myself telling them, “In or out!” “Don’t leave the door open!” “Quit tracking snow in here!” “Don’t push each other!” Yes I talk to my dogs just as I would children… because in my world they are.

So when I planned my little session I knew if I sat out in the yard a few minutes I’d have plenty to choose from. And as if they were following a script, they went out.


Then in.


Then out again.


And in again.


Then argued over who’s turn it was to go in. Went in. Came back out.


Then argued again about who should go first.


Then they weren’t sure if they wanted to be in or out. Yes, this is a common occurrence at our house.



Then they realized I was still outside and at their level. Which in their world means it’s time to play!


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