Project 12: February

This month’s theme is “Sweet” which gave me several ideas for photos revolving around Valentines Day, but most of them just didn’t pan out after I accepted a job that required a geographical move, leaving precious little time to plan a shoot.  However, I was determined to find time to do a quick family session for our wonderful neighbors who will also be moving this summer to Yorktown, VA – very near where my family resides! – because it was the last parting gift I could give them and it was completely fitting that the last family I photograph in Kodiak should be the same as the first family I photographed in Kodiak!

And then it hit me.  This wonderful little family as well as their parents and siblings have become a part of the family I have created for myself.  Of course you have family who are related to you biologically, but then there is the family that you create along life’s adventures and they are certainly part of mine!  So when I saw this image in my photo stream I just knew I’d found the perfect “sweet” submission!


We shall miss seeing the Buccieros next door each day, but we wish them well as they move on to the next chapter in their lives just as we are.  And I’m positive we will stay in touch and cross paths again! 🙂

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  1. Jamie

    Jenna, you and Matt are very very special. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, and thank you for making the time. It will be impossible for Rachel and Joey to find neighbors like you guys again. Love you for the great gift of these wonderful pictures and I love that you have such a Great Gift of photography.

    • jdeason

      Ahhh thanks Jamie! I’m just getting set up after the move and seeing this comment, but will soon be working on the rest of their images and have more to share! Comments like yours are exactly why I share my photography! 🙂

  2. Candance Murray

    I know the feeling. You so have to make friends into family to survive at times 🙂 Love the one little guys unsure look. And your images of Brandy are beautiful!