The Deason Family

My husband and I stopped in Vancouver, WA to visit with his mom on the way back from Tracy’s wedding, however what she didn’t know is that we had cooked up a plan to surprise her by having my husband’s sister and brother and his family visit while we were there too!  Based on her reaction when she saw each of them, I think this is the best Mother’s Day present she’s ever gotten, but I plan to have a photo book of the mini-family session we did while there made up for her too.

The weather that day was hit and miss, first sun and rain on and off but we got a window of sunshine just long enough to get a great batch of images.  And even when it started to rain at the end, our little niece Molly didn’t seem to mind, especially when her daddy danced in the rain with her.  (Ladies you have full permission to swoon, but he’s happily taken!)





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  1. Kathleen Ossey

    What fabulous photos. Makes the memory of the weekend more special and lovely. So sorry Richard and I were not able to attend. Love to you all.

  2. Sue Rider

    Jenna, you are a super talented photographer. You also had some great subjects. Just want to squeeze and nibble on JB and Molly.
    Great surprise for a great Mom from great kids! Love to you all, Aunt Sue and Uncle Ray and all the Riders and Beattys in Denver

  3. Doug Rider

    Great photos. Mom sent us the link

  4. Maribeth Maher

    Jenna sure knows how to photograph L-O-V-E What a special Mother’s Day surprise.
    Your family is absolutely beautiful. Love to all.
    Mike and MB